Remote Pitching Training

When it comes to the technology and approach to developing pitchers Team PAC Baseball is at the forefront of it all in the Rochester Area. The tools used for remote trainees:

  • Driveline TRAQ Player Management Portal

  • ProPlayAI PitchAI Markerless Biomechanics Reports

  • Silverdawg Inc. Pitch Grip Catalog

  • Silverdawg Inc. Pitch Optimizer

Driveline TRAQ Player Management Portal

TRAQ is a one stop shop when it comes to the player development process. We are able to build out player development programs on the pitching side that include daily mobility work, throwing and strength and conditioning. It also allows us to great extremely individualized player development plans based off a players needs due to the ease of creating new workouts. TRAQ is truly a game changer that seperates PAC from many other facilities in the area.


ProPlayAI's PitchAI Biomechanics Reports

PAC has partnered with ProPlayAI and their PitchAI software in-order to create the most in-depth pitching mechanics analysis we can. Our staff is able to go through a detailed kinematics report on each one of our athletes to access deficiencies and to create an accurate plan of attack when it comes to developing them into the pitcher they eventually want to become. These reports help us tailor athlete specific throwing drills to make corrections to their deficiencies helping them increase arm health along with more efficient throwing mechanics.

Silverdawg Inc. Pitch Grip Catalog

Silverdawg Inc. brings several player development tools to Team PAC Baseball but, one of the most important in the remote training process is their pitch grip catalog. This catalog gives us access to hunderds of grips filmed in slow motion to help our athletes understand how professionals grip their pitches. This can help tremendously when trying to generate more spin or break on a pitch during the pitch design sessions.

Grip Catalog.mov

Silverdawg Inc. Pitch Optimizer

Another player development tool on the pitching end from Silverdawg Inc. is their Pitch Optimizer. With this we are able to add our athletes pitching metrics from one of our state of the art Rapsodo units or our brand new portable Trackman unit. After we add their metrics we get a hit map of where they will have the most success generating swings and misses. We can also see where not to through pitches by toggling to hard hit. This tool is extremely helpful to teach our pitchers where they will generate success in and out of the strikezone